Scheduling a Buffer in ArcGIS Online Notebooks

08-03-2023 08:49 AM
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Would anyone be able to help me understand how to schedule a script in ArcGIS Online Notebooks?

My goal is to schedule a buffer analysis to run each month, which would add a 0.25 mile buffer around existing or new points that are added to a particular layer/map. Then, I would like to publish the layer to an existing map that I have.

So far, I have been able to create script which creates a one-time buffer around points within the item id of interest, however, the script is missing the scheduling component and publishing the layer to a specific map.


I am attaching the script which I have started for reference.


Thank you in advance for any feedback or advice the ESRI community has here!

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Hey Andree,


I would recommend you check this part of the documentation as it will show you where to create a task. When you create this you can skip the parameters section, however this can be useful to use if you wish to insert user credentials into the notebook.

The following blog is also good for getting to grips with the more advanced functionality of tasks.


Hope that helps!


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