Random Number Added to AGOL Username Even Though User Does Not Exist

05-16-2019 10:11 AM
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In our AGOL organization, we are using a single identity provider for Enterprise logins.  We have never had any security/login issues, and we have never had a username appear in any other format besides username@enterpriseemail.com_OrgName.  All of a sudden, we have a new user who keeps getting created with a random number at the end of the AGOL username, such as username@enterpriseemail.com_OrgName1.  If we delete the account and ask them to login again with their Enterprise login, it will create another, such username@enterpriseemail.com_OrgName0 or username@enterpriseemail.com_OrgName4.


I understand that if a duplicate username is created, the system will append a number to the end of the username automatically to avoid duplicate usernames, however, we never had this username to begin with.  Why is it appending this number?  That username never existed, and we are deleting it, so why a number on the username?  Other new users are not getting this number appended to their AGOL username on our organization.  And, does this even matter or will it affect this user's experience in any way, or change our user management at any point in the future.  It is just a username, but I want to make sure if I leave this number that it will work out.

It seems as if a ghost username for this one login has stuck around in the system but is not being displayed in our list of members.  When that user logs in again, the number is appended because for some reason it thinks the user exists.

Can anybody help on this one, or is this a Tech Support issue.

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I would probably go ahead and log a Support case for this issue as it's a little hard to throw out suggestions without taking a look at what exactly is going on. Support should be able to help you dig into this a little bit more and try to get to the bottom of what's happening here.



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