Is there anything like a "Hosted Feature View Layer" for published feature services ?

05-16-2019 06:18 PM
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Is there anything like a "Hosted Feature View Layer" for services you've published as a feature service from your SDE. 

This is my work flow using Hosted Feature Layer. 

   Main parcel database (hosted), I create views layers so the features can be edited by users, however I don't want users to have access to the whole parcel database, that's why I create view layers.

We are trying to move away from hosted layers and work off our feature services. We have a SDE in SQL. Is there anyway I can create "View Layer" from the sde? 

We are utilizing Collector and WebApp for users to edit parcel data. We also want to take the data offline. 

The SDE is behind a firewall, requiring a VPN connection. 

Ideally we want to avoid VPN but that will be a later issue. 



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