Publish Image Service for Float Raster with Stretched Color

02-06-2020 06:26 AM
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I have a floating point raster (representing hundreds of thousands of elevation cells) that I am trying to publish as colorized stretch raster.  When I publish, the image service default colors is a black/white color ramp.  Unlike feature layers where you can change symbology in ArcMap and then publish, I dont see how to change this at the service level definition.

Is there a way to define a color ramp for a floating point raster at the service level? 


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Hi Neal,

Are you using ArcGIS Image Server or publishing a Hosted Tile Layer to ArcGIS Online?

Cross-posting this to Imagery and Remote Sensing‌ & ArcGIS Enterprise‌ as it sounds like Image Server from the post's title. 



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Did you ever find help with this?  I couldn't find the post in the links in the previous reply.  Thanks!

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