Polygon with a 1:M relationship to a related table - How to show all related image links in polygons popup

03-31-2023 08:55 PM
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Hello!  I would like the property polygon's popup to include all the image links that are stored in the related table.  I know I need to create an Arcade expression and have read many possible solutions in the community, but I need some guidance on which option is best and how to implement it.  FeatureSetBy Relationship Name or some other option.  I need some assistance with getting started (and finishing)

There are two other fields in the related table that describe the image that I would like to show with the image link - a guess above the link.




related table: https://maps2.dcgis.dc.gov/dcgis/rest/services/DCGIS_DATA/Property_and_Land_WebMercator/MapServer/69

Thank you!

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I believe this support article shows an example of what you're trying to do: https://support.esri.com/en-us/knowledge-base/how-to-show-attachments-from-a-related-tablelayer-in-t... pulling the images from a related table onto the parent features popup. In this example it only returns the first image, but I think the code could be modified to return all images.

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Hi @JoshuaSharp-Heward  ,

Thank you for the example.  I will read and see if I can implement.  I am hoping that the field with the image links (my source related table) can be treated the same as the table that has attachments (the example source related table).  I will let you know how it goes, and if I can get it to work I will accept your reply as the solution.

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