Point layers projecting in web map but not projecting in web app

03-16-2020 07:57 AM
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I'm producing an ArcGIS online web app and I'm having issues with a few point layers not projecting.

I've uploaded the layers as hosted feature layers, along with others, as zipped shapefiles, and uploaded those layers to a web map. All the points, including the layers I'm referencing in question, project accurately and without issue in the web map. However, when I use the web map to create a web app, these same 3 layers are consistently not projected on the map.

This is strange as the layers are found in the layers list, and the points are found in the legend. They are simply not visible on the map. Funnily enough I can also use the data found in those layers to produce figures using the widget. The points have the same projection as the others, and the visibility range in the web map is set to world, as are the others.

I also want to precise that these layers have been uploaded in a separate zip file than the others. They are separated based on themes.

Any ideas what could be going on?

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