Photo Attachment Viewer not showing Attachments/image

06-02-2021 08:21 AM
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Hi all,


Been trying to use the ready made attachment viewer. I have got a layer with this information but can't seem to work out why the attachments are not coming up in the attachment viewer. It seems to think there is no attachments, can anyone suggest what might be the issue? 

Image of the app where layer is populated.





The URL also has these details but I can see the 638 is the objectid in the example below but 605 below is not visible in the attribute table or contents, so struggling to find the field name or how to generate this in the arcade expression. That might help me in my investigation. 


Is there a way to get this into to the expression. $Feature.ID does not seem to work .



Also i have watched this video - and it does not seem to contain the arcade expression in the feature layer data area, i only have sql available. 


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Hi @FaisalKhan232, can you clarify what you mean when you say "ready made attachment viewer"? Do you mean you are using an app? Or you would like your images to show in the map pop-ups, the in the video?

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