Layer not displaying or in wrong order

06-04-2021 01:33 AM
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Hello. I have published a web layer from ArcGIS Pro as a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS online. One of the layers within the service has polygon features and they are symbolized with a simple fill symbol. This layer is at the bottom in the layer order. Other layers above it are polygons (no fill but with outlines) and point feature layers. Some of these are set with scale dependencies. 

In ArcGIS Pro, these all display correctly and they also display properly in the AGOL map viewer, in a Web App and also when pulled back into pro. However, in ArcGIS Earth on desktop and mobile (iOS), the filled polygon layer appears above other layers (although it is still at the bottom of the layers list) and in Explorer on iOS it doesn't appear at all, even though it is available and switched.

Can anyone shed any light on what the problem might be?


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Hi @StephenKing3, you might want to repost this question in the ArcGIS Earth questions page located here as this questions seems specific to that product:

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