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Organization Administration - User Groups & Content Management - Outside Organization Group Involvement

03-15-2023 09:20 AM
New Contributor III

An organization user (origin user) has left their job. Their content must be transferred to another user (destination user) in our org. The origin user is a member of groups that are outside our organization. We are unable to remove the origin user from those groups that are outside our organization. That is a problem, we are administrators and cannot manage our user.

A second issue around this issue is that we, as administrators even, cannot add the Destination User to the groups that are outside our organization. While that makes sense it poses another issue for account management. In order to close down the origin users account we need to transfer all content to the destination user. To transfer items, shared with the outside organization groups, we must first add the destination user to the outside group at the same or higher permission level as the origin users involvement. That is not possible so we cannot transfer the item.

Since we cannot see into the outside org groups, to detect which items in the origin users account are shared with the outside group we would have to click through every item and inspect its sharing details. Sometimes we have 500+ items to handle and that is unreasonable to undertake manually.

In summary, we cannot remove our org user from the outside group, and we cannot add the destination user to the outside group, and it is unreasonable to inspect every single origin user item for sharing details to see which ones are shared with the groups outside our organization. Due to the last issue we have not been able to determine if we can unshare an item with a group outside the organization (because we can't reasonably find that scenario). We would need to do so to get around the earlier group issues, by unsharing the item with the outside org group so that we could transfer the item to the destination user. Since the latter is untested that ability remains another possible issue, ie Is it allowed.

All of these issues leave us unable to transfer content and manage our user.



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