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08-22-2019 02:35 PM
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I have a feature service with the conference rooms for our building. I have created an application with web appbuilder with this feature service. The users are able to search the conference rooms by name or other attributes. The conference rooms are digitized as polygons have the same names than in the Calendar in Outlook. We have configured the conference room as resources already in Outlook. My goal is to be able to schedule/book a conference room directly from the web app (interacting with the feature of course). Is there a way to do this? I was wondering if ArcGIS Indoors has this capability and if so, if it can be implemented in the Portal/AGOL environment. Thank you

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Perhaps you can look into Python, and setting up a GP service that will send calendar invites for you:

Sending Outlook appointments with Python | The fintech blog 

You could pass in the room variable based on a drop down or somehow by clicking on the room within the app, (line 26 in the sample). I'm not a JS developer so I can't comment on how to do the clicking part.

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The ArcGIS Indoors product team has added this to our product roadmap and we are shooting for early/mid 2020 to release.

If you were interested to develop this in coordination with ArcGIS Indoors, this could be accomplished today. Please refer to our online documentation for information on the Indoors Information Model.

ArcGIS Indoors Information Model—ArcGIS Indoors | ArcGIS Desktop 



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