Adding Survey123 Survey Forms to ArcGIS Online

09-16-2019 02:11 PM
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I'm trying to add a Survey123 form to my ArcGIS Online site. When I attach the form via a web or document link it still requires the users to click on a secondary page to open up the survey form. I would like the user to only click one time to fill out the survey form.

Link to Minimal Gallery App that has two survey forms referenced in it. Both do the same require you to click open on the survey.


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Hi George Plumley,

If you go and sign in with your ArcGIS Online credentials, you will see all of your surveys on the layout. You can click on a survey > then, next to "Settings" in the top green tab will be a link icon to fill out the survey form. This link will open the survey directly. 

Hope this helps,


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I knew where to get the URL, but after some additional playing around I got it to work by using the Add Item, An Application, then selecting the type as Application.