Polygon features are not drawn in AGOL

09-16-2019 02:55 AM
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I have a very simple File Geodatabase feature class with 7 polygons. It displays fine in ArcGIS and when i check the Geometry, there are no issues.

I then Publish this as a Service from ArcGIS and when i try to view the Feature Layer (hosted) only 3 of the 7 polygons display! 

What am i doing wrong?

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi Oliver,

I just downloaded and published your data to AGOL as a hosted feature layer from ArcMap.  Are you in AGOL or in Portal?  The data published with all 7 features.  Do you have any more information on this?  Let me know!



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Hello Marisa,


Thanks for looking at this. I am using AGOL.

When i publish to AGOL the map displays like this with only 3 of the features drawn (green polygons with white borders):

AGOL features not drawing


Are you able to replicate this?

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