Modifying properties of a layer's attribute table by another user

06-04-2019 02:35 PM
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I created a feature layer for a client for use in Collector.  I would like my client to be able to create a list from the values in the Farm_ID field so they are a dropdown choice instead of having to manually type this ID in each time when looking at the feature layer in a web map.  She has a Creator license.  However, since I created the layer it seems I am the only one that can "lock" the Farm_ID field as a dropdown or "unlock" it so she can add new farm fields in.  I've tried exporting the layer to a shapefile, then uploading the shapefile using her account to create a "new" layer, but that doesn't work at all.  If I open the shapefile to view in ArcMap, the attribute table is populated but the data points don't show up. This also means the data points don't show up in the exported file-to-feature layer using her AGOL account.

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