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12-05-2019 12:04 PM
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I'm looking for a way for clients to merge lines in an ArcGIS Online app (Web App Builder). I use the Edit Widget and there is a "Merge" option, but for polygons only. Is there another widget that can do this for lines? I looked through the Smart Editor, but that doesn't even seem to have the polygon merge option.

Toolbar options—Allows you to use geometry modifying operations via the editing toolbar to select features, clear the selection, and delete features (by selection).

  • Merge—Allows you to combine two or more polygons into one single feature.
    The Merge tool currently only works on polygons.
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Hi larry camp‌,

We have an internal enhancement for this which is unfortunately not yet published to 

ENH-000113987 - Request to add an ability to merge point Points and polylines for Edit widget in Web AppBuilder.

I would recommend contacting Esri Support to create a case with the purpose of attaching your customer number. Also feel free to shoot me an email at with your customer number and I can do this on my side. 



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Any new updates to this need to merge lines using Smart Editor in ArcGIS Online apps?

I searched again today, and found my question from 2 years ago at the top of my search results.

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Hi @LarryCampVDOT ,

I'm sorry to see your request was not implemented. This capability will not be supported in Web AppBuilder widgets, but keep an eye out for what's coming with the new editors in the JavaScript 4x API, which you will be able to use in the new Map Viewer and Experience Builder.

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Is merging of lines coming to the new map viewer?