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Mapviewer Classic Join One to One For Automatically Pulling Latest Record

05-22-2023 03:33 PM
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I have a number of hosted feature layers, some of them views, that are created from a single feature layer (campsites) and related tables (condition, agency action, volunteer action) all of which are created and/or updated using Survey123 and Field Maps.

I have been looking for a solution to a problem that I am having with only showing the most recent record in each of the three tables for the hosted/view feature layers I am using when I create online maps for a dashboard and offline maps for Field Maps. For some of the features (points) there may be two to three records from one of the tables (i.e., conditions) and I am only interested in displaying the most recent records. I have tried Arcade, filters in ArcGIS Online, etc... and cannot figure anything out that would work.

When I read about using a One to One join in Mapviewer Classic, I see that I can choose one record from the tables I am joining to the feature layer by defining which record is kept. I have a field in all of the tables called Survey Date that is the date that the survey was completed and it looks like I can select the option for only keeping the newest record within the table.

If I were to create a hosted/view feature layer by using a one to one join keeping only the newest record by the Survey Date field, would this hosted/view feature layer automatically update each time a record was collected in the field? We have a group of field workers that are consistently adding new feature layers and/or updating previous tables related to the feature layers.

If I create a hosted/view feature layer with the campsites feature layer and conditions table choosing the one to one join keeping only the most recent record would this continuously update. For example, if a condition record was filled out on May 1, 2023 then again on May 5, 2023 would my hosted/view feature layer only display the conditions table from May 5, 2023?

Please let me know if this makes sense and/or if further clarification is needed.

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Hi Garrett,

Yes it will stay up to date, but just make sure you click the "Create hosted feature layer view" when running the join in the classic map viewer, as otherwise it will be static. I use that workflow for some of my projects too and it seems to work correctly 🙂


However the resulting live view layer isn't able to be made sync enabled and therefore cannot be used in the offline map unfortunately. You could run the join periodically and output a static layer that would be able to be sync enabled, but that would require automation and somewhat defeat the purpose.

Kind regards,


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