Map Viewer (new): Print layout issues (legend cutting off; field names displayed instead of alias names)

07-04-2021 05:42 PM
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Hi there,

I've been experimenting with the new map viewer's print function and am having some difficulties:

  1. The legend cuts of the display names in the exported product [see attached]
  2. The field names are displayed in the legend instead of the display names (presence of underscores instead of spaces) [see attached]

I have added and displayed data as a relationship style choropleth. I have configured fields in order to format the display name so that the underscore characters were replaced by space characters in the display name.

I then went to the Print function and have selected the following:

  • Title: Brazil tree cover loss
  • Page set-up: Letter ANSI A landscape (although, have tried with different setups)
  • File format: JPEG or PDF
  • Advanced options: I checked set scale, entered an author, copyright info, and checked include legend
  • I then pressed Export.

Looking for a work around / solution to this formatting issue.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Jake, Thanks for reporting! While we look into this, you should be able to print from Map Viewer Classic and see the configured fields in your legend. 

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Thanks for the suggestion. I am aware of the Map Viewer Classic print functions but am looking to use more of New Map Viewer as more comes online. I look forward to you looking into this.
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