Map data not yet available with the offline export service

09-10-2021 07:13 AM
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I am using the World Imagery (for Export) service for exporting a single image for offline use.

For some reason since like a month or so, I get 'Map data not yet available' in several regions (urban & nature areas).

I'm trying to force the export feature to return 4096*4096 texture to get best result. But is there a way to check if this request is available instead of returning a blank texture? 

My alternative solution is to check the texture itself, if blank, downscale it's resolution to get a lower quality one. 

When I try to use a larger bounding box, it returns the texture as requested in 4k but I can imagine that the service is using a lower zoom level to meet the request.


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@RemkoJacobs , my guess is that you are getting this at scales below level 19. ESRI imagery is only cached down to level 19. Below this (L20-23) there are essentially empty cache levels but still defined within the schema of the basemap. This is so that you can still zoom beyond 1:1128 down to finer detail within a web map.

If these levels weren't present (and empty) you wouldn't be able to zoom lower, which is important if you have vector data and custom tile caches that are cached to those finer resolutions.

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