Joining features AGOL based on point count that will update dynamically

12-15-2020 06:28 AM
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Hello! I am working with an AGOL hosted feature layer of points detailing rental properties across the US. Currently the hosted feature layer has two view layers based on an attribute field. I am trying to summarize points by state (using an Esri USA States boundary) - however, Aggregate Points does not really work because some rental properties are on state lines that would characterize, for example, a property in Tennessee as being in Georgia, due to state line boundaries. 

Is there a way I can do some sort of join for count of points with the state abbreviation as a key (i.e. GA) where that if new records are added to the hosted feature layer, the join summary will also update? I tried Join Features but I couldn't choose a statistical layer as there is no valid numerical field - although I could add a field and populate it with "1"s as a workaround but I would like to see if there are other tools that will work for this purpose.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm not as familiar with AGOL analysis tools as I am with Pro, to which I was able to just do a simple Join, but the important part is that it can update dynamically as new rental properties are added, rather than me having to re-run the summary join. Thank you!

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