Layers “not shared in the same way as the web map”.

02-24-2019 08:46 PM
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I’ve created a Web map, chose a base map, and added some tile layers I’ve created (with Everyone access). I save the map and then share it with a group of people, giving them access and update capabilities.

I then create a point feature layer and share it with the group, also with access and update capabilities, and add it to the map.

If anyone but myself then adds a point in this layer, and saves it, the following message pops up:

“These layers in the web map may not be visible to others because they are not shared in the same way as the web map.”

followed by the name of this layer.

The new points are there for others to see, but it seems like this message shouldn’t be there at all.

More importantly, one person is having issues with updating some of the attributes for the new points they are adding. Some of the fields remain filled out after saving, others revert to empty.

Any ideas as to what’s going wrong and how to fix it?

— Andy

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Andy, I am experiencing this same issue. Were you ever able to resolve it?

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