Is there a way to automate pop up creation?

03-28-2022 03:14 AM
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We publish feature layers and maps for tree surveys on a daily basis - each feature layer and map (site) will be identical to each other in the configuration of the layers, etc. At the moment, the four editable layers require manual configuration of the pop up, which is a text with some values from a number of layer fields and a hyperlink text with a url to open a Survey123 form. The content survey identifier code is the only variable in the pop up configuration, everything else being the same.

Is there a quicker way, a way to automate the generation and configuration of the layer pop ups so they don't have to be manually created, for each layer, and for each map, every time?

For some reason, I wonder if publishing for ArcGIS Pro (currently we do from ArcMap) might allow for pop up configuration (and automation) instead of doing it on AGOL Map Viewer, but I am just speculating.

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Hi @RafaeldePedro 
You may find use in this community post, 


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