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Interaction of User Type and Roles

02-07-2022 01:33 PM
New Contributor

I am looking to understand the interaction of user types and roles.  I have a creator user with the viewer role.  I thought that this would limit the users ability to modify maps etc.  I see that the user can still rename layers, delete layers etc in the maps even thought they have the viewer role.  I have read through the documentation but I'm not seeing a clear answer.  Am I misunderstanding what a role does?  Is there any good videos that show how to create and manage the user types and roles for different scenarios?


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Esri Contributor

Hi @GordonMcKenzie, what you may find helpful in understanding the exact permissions granted by each role is by looking at the permissions available when Creating a Custom role as below

You can set the permissions to mirror a viewer role then see the exact permissions that are turn on/off for the role.

Hope this helps!

When you mention that the user can still modify maps is this in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro?

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