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Arcade expression not showing in popup title when Web App is in mobile view

03-21-2021 02:38 PM
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I have an Arcade expression that I am using within a webapp builder map popup.

I have added this expression to the title.  The popup shows fine when viewing the app on a desktop.  HOWEVER when viewing this map in mobile view (like the majority of our users) the arcade expression will not show within the popup title.

I thought this might be due to the number of characters in the popup title being restricted in mobile view so I tested out using another attribute.  Plain attributes with more characters will appear in the popup title.  

Therefore it appears to be an issue with arcade expression rather than the text size.


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by Anonymous User
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Do you have an example of the Expression? 


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The main part of my expression is using the Intersect function.

I have the expression working within the body of the popup, and it works within the title of the popup if its viewed on a desktop.

The issue with it not working on the title for mobile is that the rest of the popup requires a second click to view.  We don't want our users to have to click twice to find out information.

var a = FeatureSetByName($map,"Refuse Collection")
var b = Intersects(Buffer($feature, -5, 'meters'), a)
var d = ''
for (var c in b){
d= c.Collection_Day
var e = When(d == "Monday", "Monday",
d == "Tuesday", "Tuesday",
d == "Wednesday", "Wednesday",
d == "Thursday", "Thursday",
d == "Friday", "Friday",
d == "Tuesday & Friday", "Tuesday & Friday",
d == "Wednesday & Friday", "Wednesday & Friday", "No kerbside collection")

return e

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Hi Naomi

I finally someone who posted about the same problem I just encountered! Yippee.

And sad to see no replies that help solve the problem. Did you figure it out or is it a limitation?

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Hi, I haven't checked in with this app for a wee while.  I believe that I ended up trying to work around it by using a minimal heading.  Which definitely isn't ideal.

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