Ideas for Point Feature Time Series Animation in the web?

02-01-2019 10:38 AM
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Hey folks, Lend me a hand.

I don't need a code review or help troubleshooting. But I could use some guidance for coming up with a solution.


I have a large dataset of simple POINT features. These are locations (~40K) of objects (~2K) that are stationary for a number of days (20-50), i.e they have the same XY during that range of dates. Then they move to a new location (XY). I have keys for each location that's associated with those XY and said dates, and then ID's and other attributes for the objects that move from location to location.


What I'd love to put together is an animated map that allows you to observe the "path" an object takes over time moving from Loc 1 to Loc 2, 3 , 4.. This could be either for a single object that you select (dropdown?) or a group of objects. Hope this make sense?

So for starters, I've normalized things taking a rather wide attribute table and creating a sort of location history table. A simple point feature class with only Location Key, Date, and XY. I can join this to other tables where I have offloaded the rest of the attributes.

I'm thinking this is probably a case for building a webmap using the JSAPI. Can anyone point me to any similar examples or throw out some suggestions? Right now the data sits in an SDE feature class but I can certainly publish it as a feature service.

Any feedback ls welcome. (Categorized this is as discussion because of lack of specificity of what I'm asking. My apologies if that's not standard etiquette.)

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