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HOW to fix Unicode fonts on ArcGIS online

04-09-2022 04:07 AM
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Does anyone have any idea how to add a font that fully supports Unicode to ArcGIS online product?

I am really frustrated with the fonts that are available in webmaps, dashboards in the, none of them fully support Unicode, they could have fixed it at least by adding Tahoma to the font list.

Why is it exceedingly difficult for people in esri to fix this? With any updated version of online product, this issue gets worse rather than to better.

The classic webmap supports Unicode much better than the updated one.

Why does not ESRI try to fix issues with rendering Unicode fonts on ArcGIS online products? 

this is almost two years ago post on same issue.

Issues with Unicode in AGOL dashboards 


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Esri Notable Contributor

Currently we do not support publishing your own font to Online. We do add fonts to Online and I can take a look at Tahoma support.  It looks like Noah has talked to you in the other thread. Do you have a support ticket entered?

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Thanks for your reply,

Indeed, Google Noto Arabic fonts or IBM Plex Arabic work without any issue, hope you add those fonts, at least to have some options.

I have not submitted any ticket, I thought Noah will have a look at the issue.

I hope esri fixes this issues soon, what a reason of purchasing a GIS tool and not able to present the data properly or label them? 

It just requires adding some fonts that support Unicode, no coding and no new feature.

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