Why does not ESRI try to fix issues with rendering Unicode fonts on ArcGIS online products?

03-26-2022 07:46 AM
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Hi all,

I am wondering why ArcGIS online products very poorly support Unicode fonts? Why ESRI does not pay attention to this issue? is that because they do not care?

With every new release of online products, whether it is webmaps, dashboards or apps, I am wishing the issue is fixed, but till now, the issue still exists.

Very frustrating issue, look at the screen shots to see how texts are labeled on ArcPro and Online Web map.

On ArcPro


on webmaps




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Hi @nabaz-gharib, thank you for sharing your feedback here. Can you tell me which font family you choose in ArcGIS Pro, and which font family you see when you open the same map in the Map Viewer in ArcGIS Online?

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Hi @Noah-Sager ,
I tried all of them, including (Arial Unicode), same result.

I tried on the new map and new dashboard, the classic map is a bit better, however the classic dashboard has same issue.

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This is the text on the old map


This one is on the new web map; you can notice how the text is rendered on the new web map:



dashboards, both the classic and the new one, have similar issue:


if you look at the highlighted text, you can see the texts, they are not rendered properly, it must look like:


This is really a very frustrating issue, we have when we use ArcGIS online products, and it is very weird, these Unicode issues are not been fixed till now.

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Looking into fonts that could be supported are you able to check your strings with this font:


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That font works well, also you can have a look at Noto Naskh, which  supports the Unicode quite well
Noto Naskh Arabic - Google Fonts

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I also faced the same problem when hosting my feature layer into ArcGIS Online.
I want to label the layer using Khmer MEF1 Font (Cambodian Font), but ArcGIS Online Map Viewer does not show properly when displaying the label.
I am looking forward to any reasonable solutions to solve such a problem.
Thank you.

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I do not know why it took so long for esri to fix this issue?  

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