How to allow editing (add) of related table but not parent table/feature layer

01-19-2021 07:53 PM
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I have a feature layer which I need people in the field (so using field maps/collector) to be able to able to move geometry (points) if need but not add or delete. I also need new records to be allowed to be added to the related table.

When I published the feature layer and related table I can only control the editing as one. So, if I turn on 'add' then people can  add new points to the parent layer/table  which I don't want but they will be able to add new records to the related table (which we need). If i don't allow 'add' then I can't add records to the related table.

How do I allow 'updates feature attributes only' for the feature layer but also allow 'add' and 'update' for the related table only. I tried publishing the table and feature layer separately to change the settings for each but then it's not recognised as a relationship. 

I'm sure lots of people are doing this so I must be overlooking something. 

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