How do you do Cascading Filters in a Web Map?

03-09-2020 01:57 PM
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Our users are a bit confused by the filtering.  They are expecting the filters to cascade but I cannot find a way to get it to go.


They first filter for an office 


Then they want to filter for the project

But the project list does not filter based on the office.  It shows all projects.

See here that the Wells projects should not show up in the drop down, only the first 3 for Tuscarora should show.

How can I get this to go?  I tried double filters, sets, saving the filter in between, etc but not luck.

I have a feeling the answer is you can't, but it sure would be nice if it cascaded like in 123.

A database view might do it but I really do not want to do that as there would be a ton.

Only found this post that is 5 years old. 


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Hi Doug Browning‌, 

Try adding a set through the filter widget, with your expression choose unique values and in your list values options choose values filtered by previous expression. See below. This should filter the responses of the following expressions in the set and move the map dynamically if you choose to do so.


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Thanks but I was looking for a Web Map solution not a Web App one.   Not sure why app has it and map does not.

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