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How can I add a legend to my 360 VR experience?

05-03-2023 02:28 PM
New Contributor III

I'm creating a 360 VR experience out of a web scene and I'm wondering if there's a way to add a legend to the 360 VR experience.

There are not many options to customize the 360 VR experience once it's made from the web scene.

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Esri Contributor

Not possible I'm afraid, at the moment 360 VR does not support legends.

It's the first time we hear this user request, but we can consider this for a future update:

  • Do you expect the exact same legend as in SceneViewer, or are there differences to be considered?
  • Would you want the legend to show always, or somehow be showable/hideable by a button? Or by some other logic? (Note this would need to work for both the immersive VR as well as the non-immersive desktop / phone experience.)
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