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06-19-2023 04:20 AM
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Hi, I have a frustrating situation where I am suddenly unable to create an editable hosted view from a source editable hosted feature service.  This is a hosted service where I have previously created several editable views without issue and those continue to work.  However now, no matter what options on the view definition or edit settings that are set a newly created view is not editable.

Looking at the REST endpoint for the layer confirms that although there was no error setting the editable checkbox on the view, the capabilities property does not include Editing and there are no ApplyEdits endpoints on the layer.  At the root service, however, these settings are present, but they do not get applied to the layer in service.

I am not sure if this is related to last week's update or not but it seems like this has come up from time to time in the forums and the only solution has been to completely republish the source service again; however that is not an option with this one.

Appreciate any thoughts on this at all.  Thank you!


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We are also experiencing a problem creating views from a Hosted Feature Service. There are multiple layers within the parent service, and when hosted views are created from the service, one of the layers is set as ‘uneditable’, while all the others are editable as required.





When we check the configurations on the end point of the parent and the view, we can see that for the layer that becomes uneditable in the view, the full range of supported operations is not available for the view.


Parent Supported Operations




View Supported Operations





This error has only just started occurring, and we have many views already created from the parent which function as expected (all layers editable). The last of these functional views was created quite recently, on 9th Feb 2024.

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