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02-03-2017 06:22 AM
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Has anyone had an issue where the hosted feature layer doesn’t show any spatial data and the attribute table is empty. If I add a feature layer thru my content from the web,everything shows fine but when I try to create a hosted feature layer from a map service thru my content, there's no spatial data/attribute info. I've followed the instructions from ESRI help page and checked the feature access box from the service editor and published the service.

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Hi David,

Are you creating a feature service from an existing layer or from a url or are you publishing the data from a specific data source? If you are publishing from a template or existing layer, the schema of the layer is copied, but no data is transferred over. Here are some details about this workflow:

Publish hosted feature layers—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 

Please share more details of your workflow if this doesn't answer your question,


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by Anonymous User
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Hi Kelly,

Having same issue. Point shapefile views fine in ArcGIS Desktop (>1000 records), upload to ArcGIS Online as hosted feature layer and frustratingly find the attribute table is empty thus doesn't display data. On the other hand within the map viewer if I upload a single point extracted from the same data set as a zipped shapefile, that works.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Hi Gavin,

I suggest reaching out to Esri Technical Support‌, as they may be able to help troubleshoot this issue faster. Here are some preliminary questions:

Are you publishing from ArcMap, using share as or are you creating a zipped shapefile?

If you are publishing from ArcMap, what version of ArcMap are you using?

Can you share the SD file or zipped shapefile that is uploaded to


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David and Gavin,

I would suggest running the Check Geometry tool on your shapefile(s) and/or feature class(es)...we have had several instance where geometry errors have resulted in successful publishing without any data.


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Kelly Gerrow

Kyle Balke, GISP

Solved issue with point data sets I was uploading. Involved conversion to GCS_WGS_1984 projection, using add XY coordinates toolset to shapefile, export as CSV file and import to ArcGIS Online & displaying data using X &Y fields for latitude and longitude.


I've ran the check geometry toolset on a few of my shapefiles within ArcMap 10.2.2. No errors found. Appreciate your post nevertheless!


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This tool does not seem to work on Hosted AGOL layers.  Anyone know how?  thanks

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