Here's a geocoding question about adding the XY field.

05-24-2019 10:56 AM
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I thought I could import a CSV file into ArcGIS online and then add XY coordinates to the attribute table- but, it seems like one needs to be using Desktop or online Pro in order to be able to do that.  I don't see that ArcGIS Online allows the user to add the XY coordinates as one can do using Desktop. Is this correct?

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Hi Jack,

I would recommend up voting this idea on Geonet!  At the moment, you cannot add XY coordinates to a web layer or CSV in AGOL.  You can however, pull in the web layer to Pro, and run the Add XY Coordinates tool on it there.

Hope this helps!



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Thank you, Marisa. 

Very helpful!


PS- By "upvoting" do you mean getting lots of people to request the functionality be added to ArcGIS Online?

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