Group Filter (or similar) on click?

11-25-2020 09:13 AM
New Contributor

I have a point layer containing locations of hydrometric stations and a polygon layer of watersheds associated with each of the hydrometric stations. Both of these layers are turned on by default.


Some of the watersheds are nested with smaller watersheds overlapping and within a larger ones. When the user click on one watershed or hydrometric station they get multiple pop-ups for each of the overlapping watersheds. This is confusing for the user. The ideal solution would be to click on a hydrometric station and have the app select the associated watershed polygon. I can get this behaviour by using the group filter widget but it requires the user to input an ID field that is common to both the point and polygon layer.  Is there anyway to use the group filter with a click (ie the user clicks on a hydrometric station and it fills the filter in with the ID field)? Or does anyone know of any other solutions to this type of problem?



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