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Field Map form conditions not showing on Map Viewer

03-24-2022 11:05 AM
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Hi All,

I have created a layer for collecting illicit discharge points for our storm water infrastructure.  In field maps application I created a form with a number of questions that have arcade expression conditions to them.  Such as does the inspection need follow up: yes/no if the answer is yes a series of further questions open up.   It works great in field maps.  But I do not see this same conditional question tree working in map viewer (we are using new one not classic).  This is causing issues because some of these conditional questions are marked as required only if they are opened but otherwise they aren't needed.  But in map viewer this is messing up submitting points due to things being required that are not needed.  For now I have taken off requirements and am encouraging people to work off field maps instead of map viewer.   It is very frustrating to take the time to build these forms and them not work across to map viewer.



If there something I am missing or does map viewer just not support the forms for field maps right now?

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Hi, thanks so much for providing this info. I think what you're seeing is similar to a bug we're trying to get fixed in a patch for this release. If possible, could you share any of the data that you have to repro this? Or even the webmap or app that uses it? It would make it easier to make sure we covered all the bases and didn't miss it.

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Unfortunately I can't share the web map or layers publically.  I could share by allowing Esri to remote in through a service ticket. 

Otherwise: form was created in field-map dashboard to be used with field maps on Samsung tablets using android.  Have no issues there.  Our AGOl none Enterprise and we have converted over to the new map viewer with no issues except the form not matching when editing.  I coded all the expressions in the form in arcade. Layer form is using was created in arcpro and then pushed to AGOL where domains where added.

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I have the exact same problem. I created a form a month ago with some questions that are conditionnal to another field value. But since the new update this week (march 2022), these conditions aren't working on Map Viewer, so we can see ALL fields while we should see just some of them. It's really frustrating as it's really not usefull to see all of them.

Conditionnal visibily works for groups but not for fields. Not sure why.