Why a group in a form close when I edit a field? (since march update 2022)

03-25-2022 01:09 PM
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Since the new update (march 2022), whenever I change the attributes of one field that is contained in a group in any form, the group is closing. So I need to re-open the group to change the value of the next field.

Per exemple, I first clicked on the group "Planification des travaux arboricoles". Then I clicked on the empty field "Intervention requise" so I can choose "À abattre". (As you can see below)


But when I click on "À abattre", the group will automatically close, so I will need to re-click on "planification des travaux arboricoles" to re-open that group and then change the attributes on the next field.



Why? It's really frustrating and a big loss of time to re-open all the time when I want to change the attributes of many fields.

I hope you can fix this bug! It wasn't like this last week. We could add as many attributes as we wanted without re-opening the group all the time.

Thank you,


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