Feature in larger hosted dataset not displaying unless zoomed on 3rd party website

01-30-2020 09:13 AM
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A single polygon feature within a much larger hosted polygon dataset (https://services6.arcgis.com/CWb906n61QzowuiU/arcgis/rest/services/Waterkeepers_ACTIVE_50m/FeatureSe... )   is not drawing properly at certain scales in a 3rd-party created website. When I look at the hosted feature data in ArcGIS online, everything displays and is visible to me. However, on the client's website, the Suwammee jurisdiction polygon in Florida only displays once you start zooming in. https://waterkeeper.org/waterkeeper/?region=gulf

What's going on here? How can I fix it?

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Hi Christian Breen‌,

Thanks for the post - did you modify/troubleshoot anything to resolve the issue with the polygon not loading at the initial map extent? I went to the site you mentioned above and the Suwannee Riverkeeper jurisdiction loaded as expected at the initial map extent. If this occurs again though or you still have outstanding questions about the issue I would recommend getting in touch with Esri Support, I would be happy to assist in this process. 



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