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Error adding Copernicus Services WMS to New Map Viewer

01-17-2022 06:28 AM
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Hi all,
A lot of Remote Sensing derived products are available through the Copernicus Services. Chlorophyll A concentration from Globecolor is one of them that we like to use.

The WMS Chlorophyll A concentration - Daily (Globecolor / Copernicus CMEMS / ESA product) - Overview (arcgis... can be added in the classical map viewer.

But when adding it to the New map Viewer, we are facing an error:


Has anyone experienced the same ? found a solution?

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Is this a public WMS service or do you need to register and pay a provider as I get an authentication screen when I try to access your URL?

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It is freely available as long as you have a Copernicus Services account. I tried with using parameters (user & pwd) also but faced the same result.



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Does the following image layer (from ArcGIS Living Atlas) provide the same information?

Here is the REST URL

I can add it to new Map Viewer as well (It's a Subscriber content). Ensure you are logged in to ArcGIS Online with an organizational account while adding the layer to Map Viewer.


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This is not exactly the same. ESRI one is only taking MODIS data whereas the Globecolor processing made available through Copernicus Services are taking more inputs and also proving errors and flag indications. 
Chlorophyl is only one of the several products available by the different catalogs in the Copernicus Services (marine, land etc ...)

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