Enter address, return polygons at that location?

02-14-2022 06:41 AM
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Hello, I'm guessing this is a novice question. I need to create an app where user enters an address, and the app returns a list of polygons at that location. I was able to achieve this in Web AppBuilder by implementing the Near Me widget and setting the buffer distance to zero. It functions as I'd like, but is awkward in that the user still sees the slider for "Show results with 0 Miles" even though they can't change it from zero. Also the resulting list always includes the distance "0 mi" which obviously isn't needed or desired.


(sample address 7000 Bybrook Ln should return two polygons)

Is there any way in the ArcGIS Online platform to accomplish this more cleanly - whether in WebAppBuilder or Experience Builder or Dashboards? Maybe some way to do this with Arcade?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.



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