Endless loading time when joining features in ArcGIS online?

11-26-2020 11:42 AM
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I am attempting to join features using a CSV that I have already uploaded to my Content. I have a shapefile that is displaying the shapes, but it will not Join Features to any CSV. I have tried multiple CSVs, I have used a CSV that worked with another similar set of shapefiles. I do not get an error message or anything. The Join just doesn't go through and it just gives me the loading icon endlessly....

Please Help!!!

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Not sure if it is applicable to your situation, but I got into endless loading when the layer to join to target was a hosted feature layer view created from a hosted feature layer. I was trying to create results as hosted feature layer view in the join feature analysis. Once I used the original hosted feature layer (not the view) as the layer to join to target, the analysis completed as expected.

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