Backup and Restore AGOL Apps, Maps, Data

02-08-2021 07:38 AM
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Is there a way to backup our AGOL content (maps, applications, data, hubsites) to a local drive and restore them at a later time?

Currently the only way I know how to backup and restore data is by one of the following:

  • Use delete protection.
  • Use a 3rd party application which I cannot justify at this time.
  • Manually backup items:
    • Data can be downloaded and uploaded.
    • If maps were originally created in ArcGIS Desktop then we can push them back up to AGOL.
    • I do not know how to restore Hub sites.
    • I do not know how to restore applications.
  • Use ArcGIS portal.


Please let me know if there is a better way to download backups to our local machine and restore them at a later time.

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Hi @MarkVolz , there isn't a general workflow to backup data from ArcGIS Online to a local drive for the main reason that Esri takes care of the data backup behind the scenes as part of the license agreement.  Have you noticed an issue with your content that is causing you to want to backup your items?  Also, can you give some more detail on what you mean when you say "restore"?

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The main reasons why I would like to see AGOL backup and restore functionality is so that I can:

* Move items between AGOL and Portal as I so choose.

* Allow me to modify hub sites and applications knowing that I can revert any changes if needed.

* Reduce credit usage on items that might not be used again. However having a backup will help me restore any items if other staff have a different opinion about any content.

* Not be dependent on remembering to turn on "prevent accidental deletion." This might be useful for other users that might not be aware of this feature.

* Clean up the total amount of content. For this I suppose I could copy content to a backup folder.

As you can see none of these items are "extremely" important, but I think a backup and restore feature would help some users be more willing to create complex maps, hub sites, and applications.

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ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS are similar applications, but they aren't meant to be used interchangeably like that and not all items from one will work in the other because of the way both are configured (talking more about applications not data types).  Moving data layers between them will work pretty seamlessly but there could be a few bumps depending on how the ArcGIS Server / DataStore are configured within the ArcGIS Enterprise environment.


ArcGIS Hub has the ability to use drafts, so you can make changes, save them as a draft, then publish to test said changes.  If you don't like it, or the changes broke some aspect of your site, you can revert back to a previous state of the site.  While ArcGIS Hub basic is similar to Enterprise Sites, ArcGIS Hub Premium has no Enterprise counterpart and neither of them can be taken out of the ArcGIS Online environment because of how they tie back to the user account and data items that may be shared within the website.  Hub and Sites are meant as an extension of that single organization (or deployment of Portal for ArcGIS).


I can certainly understand the want for a "trash can" type feature that you can remove or archive features and bring them back at a later time.  Your best bet for that would be to post an idea in GeoNet under ArcGIS Online ideas.