Edit capability missing in hosted view popup and in Map Viewer, despite being enabled in Settings

11-01-2021 04:10 AM
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When creating hosted views, I am no longer shown the option to edit the popup attributes, or carry out editing in Map Viewer. This is despite Editing being enabled in the view layer Settings. For example, here the settings show editing is enabled:



However, with the layer added to a webmap, the Edit option does not show up in the toolbar, 


and the Edit options are also absent from the popup attributes menu.



This occurred after editing the DisplayField from objectid to a different field in the hosted feature layer (before creating the view) using the following steps (idea from this thread😞

1. Opened the service layer of the feature and put it in to editing mode

2. Clicked Update Definition

3. Changed the DisplayField in the definition

4. Changed the lastEditDate to ""

5. Updated the layer definition


Since experiencing this issue, I have changed the DisplayField back to objectid, but the problem is still occurring. 

Any help appreciated. Thanks


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Maybe try republishing the service with a different name?  Then test it? Seems there is a bug related to updating services in ArcGIS Online even if the service definition is intact.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Try switching the map back to the classic map viewer (open in, save as), and you should find the edit capabilities are available. You will loose some functionality (like filters on labels 😞 ).

I just discovered this this morning after spending several hours configuring new views, only to find them un-editable as I included them in maps and apps. Very discouraging, especially with a training session coming up this very morning. I have avoided using the Standard Map Viewer for field applications as I've found it to be too problematic. I noticed that the views were editable in the classic map versions I use for the field. 


Just a little further on this as more than an inconvenience: other agencies are relying on this layer and have included it in their maps and apps. Republishing the feature service in this case does not just affect me and the many places the layers appear in, but would require others to change sources across multiple implementations with associated reconfigurations.

Will this get fixed? Standard map viewer still seems pretty Beta.