Does ESRI own my data when I use ArcOnline and Arc Hub?

12-08-2021 06:49 AM
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Hi there,

I am currently creating an ArcHub website using ArcOnline mapping and was just wondering if there are any implications for data ownership by using Arc in this way? For instance, the data I am uploading, is this now owned by ESRI? It is important that the data is kept fairly private due to it's sensitivity so I would be interested to know if there is any documents or small print on whether using the ArcHub program will now give ESRI free access to my data.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated!


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Have you had a chance to check out this page?

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I have yes, but it only seems to cover my personal information data not data that I am mapping?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Molly! The link below describes Esri's use of "Customer data," which I believe directly addresses your question. Overall, both data security and privacy are core values of the ArcGIS Online product; we do not distribute your data; we provide a structure from which you can create, secure, share, and ultimately control your content.
If you have additional questions beyond what's covered here, let me know and we'll connect to find the right path forward.

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