Defining visible range for pop ups

03-01-2022 07:34 AM
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Hey all! 

I'm making a web map with a few different layers and pop ups. When zoomed out, I have a layer of zones in the city, and then when you zoom in you can see the parcel data. I have two issues. The first is I would like only the zones to be selectable until you zoom in, then I want only the parcels to be selectable at that range.

I also want the pop up visibility to mirror the selectable range. I have the visibility set properly on both the zone and parcel layers, but even though you can't see the parcel layer when zoomed out if you click in the zone it selects a parcel and then shows a parcel pop up. You have to scroll through a few of those before the zone is selected and zone pop up shows. 

So I need to figure out how set the selectable range for each layer, and then how to link the pop ups to that range. 

Here's what I'm working on for context.

Any ideas?



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