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Decimal places in AGOL

09-06-2023 05:52 PM
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I just posted a map from Pro desktop to a web map. It's relatively fine, except that all of my data in my pop-ups have 6 decimal places, and I don't want any decimal places. Neither my attribute tables nor my labels in Pro included decimal places, nor do the attribute tables themselves in AGOL, but the pop-ups do.

I figured out how to change this - but only by changing each attribute in each data layer individually.  I have 50 data layers with 9 attributes each, and I do not want to go in and change the number of displayed decimal places 450 times.  Surely, there's a way to do this for the whole map??? Why on earth would there be a default of 6 decimal places for pop-ups in the first place??? It's a really messy way to communicate information in a web map.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!

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Hey Ava,

That doesn't sound ideal. I haven't personally encountered this but I suspect it might be from the data format and how this was uploaded. Could I just confirm if you published this from ArcGIS Pro? or if you saved a zipped shapefile or file geodatabase and uploaded the file to ArcGIS Online?


Can we also appear how many decimal places are being shown under the Data tab of the item within the Contents page?


Many thanks,


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Thanks, David.

I just shared a whole map from Pro desktop to AGOL with all of the layers included. All of the layers are shapefiles I created, and the original data tables and all of my shapefiles only included 2 decimal places.

For what it's worth, I have found several other posts on the Esri community with this same question, and none of them have been answered.

I have this same basic problem in Pro desktop, and it drives me bananas. Every time I symbolize a layer, I have to change the label format from 6 decimal places to 1 or 0. I have searched on how to change that default in Pro desktop, and the only solution I have found is to use programming language, which seems crazy to me. It shouldn't be that hard to change default formatting for decimal places shown in labels. I don't know any programming languages, and I really don't want to learn, especially for something like that.

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