Dashboard Infographics widget not responding to filter

01-04-2021 05:11 PM
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Hi all,

I have a dashboard in AGOL built using the WAB, Dashboard theme based on a single map service (hosted layer in AGOL). The dashboard contains a filter that allows the user to filter the records based in a number of different conditions. The dashboard also contains an Infographic widget which is connected to the same map service, but as a separate data source and with another (fixed) filter applied. When the user filters are set, the infographic updates as expected, but with one exception. If the filter is set in such a way that there are no records returned by the data source, the infographic does not show a zero value, but instead remains stuck on the previous result. These images might help to illustrate.

Initial state - first 3 filters applied, result as expected:


After applying another filter, the total number of records updates (infographic on the left), but the number of records based on the additional data source (infographic on the right) remains stuck on the previous value. It should return a zero value.


Am I missing something in how my infographic and/or data source is set up, or is this a bug?


Thanks in advance,


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