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Custom Popup Attribute Display Stopped Showing information

08-28-2023 09:41 PM
New Contributor II

I was doing great using the popup custom attribute display in ArgGIS Online Map Viewer. But then, I made a switched a few bullet points around and when I went to see how the popup was looking "live" it only shows "No Information Available."  Is there a limit to the amount of text or number of fields you can use in one popup at a time? Not sure why it would work just fine one minute, and then for no apparent reason, stop working all together.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Jessica, 

Can you share the contents/config of your custom attribute display and screenshots to help diagnose? Also including the contents of 'View HTML Source' might be useful:


(I've assumed you're using Map Viewer Classic due to your use of the term 'custom attribute display')