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07-07-2020 12:36 PM
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I want to allow for votes on comments placed by users, and have added a VoteNum field to my Feature Layer and configured it in the pop-up of the "map".  I see that users can now vote on others' comments, but the field for VoteNum also appears in the dialog for new comment records - essentially allowing the user to enter "10" votes for their own comment.

How can I eliminate the entry box from the form without disabling the "heart" voting button?

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Hi Daniel,

I noticed that your question had been answered by one of our Esri Support analysts. The resolution is below in case anyone else has a similar question:

Configuring the field to be non-editable in the Configure Pop-up > Configure Attributes dialog achieved the desired outcome. 

Thanks and let me know if there are any other questions,


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How would you do this in the new configure pop-ups- is there an expression you have to write. I am having trouble configuring this so that it works the way it's intended

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