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Create summary table from AGOL table

08-15-2022 07:34 AM
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Hello all!

We have convinced our customer to move away from Excel and Smartsheets into an ArcGIS Online environment.  Woohoo!

We have created the dashboards that they need, but we can't seem to recreate a summary table like the one below.  Any ideas?

Sample Tally SheetSample Tally Sheet

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How is that data being collected? You could possibly use report templates in Survey123, or use webhooks to pull that information into a spreadsheet? (Integromat or PowerAutomate)


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The information already exists in a hosted table in AGOL.  I thought we could only create a Word Document template as a Survey123 report.  How would I use webhooks to get that information into a spreadsheet?  I'm looking for a no-code/low-code option. Thanks!

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