Create Feature Layer with subtypes

05-19-2021 09:29 AM
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I'm creating a field app and I have a huge amount of Types and subtypes. 

I've seen that there is a really handy "Create feature Layer" option online and you can add fields and domains to this, which is useful, but I can't see an option to add sub-types. 

I'd like to do this online because I find the method so easy, or at least add the domain online and then add sub-type in Catalogue, but that also doesn't seem possible. 

As far as I can tell the only way to do this is is to set up a brand new feature class and set the domains and subtypes in Catalogue and then publish as a feature, is that correct?

If I do it that way I lose the options that you get when creating one online where it creates fields for elevation and GPS, which is annoying, but the sub types are more important. 

Any help appreciated. 


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