WebAppBuilder Search Box Issue

05-19-2021 08:54 AM
New Contributor

I have an AGOL web viewer that uses the WebAppBuilder Foldable Theme. When I use the search box, I type an address and the results are displayed (slide 1). When I click the address I want, the map zooms to that address, but the search box still displays the suggestion below the box (slide 2). This is problematic because it covers up widget buttons and the only way to view them is to click the X in the search box (slide 3). In usability sessions, users are having a hard time figuring out how to do this. 

However, a similar web viewer built by NASA, using the same WebAppBuilder Foldable theme, does not have this problem. Note when searching the same address, the results are displayed (slide 4), but when I click on the address I want, the address only appears in the search box (slide 5) and the widget buttons below are not covered up. I have tried all settings for the search widget in my viewer, but can't figure this out. Also note in the NASA viewer that a line appears just below the search box while the address is still present (slide 6). This goes away when you click the X in the search box. 

Help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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