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Copy or Clone Map, WFL and Field Map

03-14-2022 07:12 AM
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For certain types of field work our organisation uses ArcGIS Online Web Maps in the Field Maps app to collect, edit and look at certain data.

Every project requires it's own unique Web Map and Feature Layer (WFL). The users go out and use them in the Field Maps app. 

I have set-up a Project Template in ArcGIS Pro to be able to quickly publish the structure of the WFL and Web Maps every time a new project begins. Once online I append data into the project. But there's still quite some settings I have to look at in ArcGIS Online. Furthermore I'd like to use the conditional visibility Field Maps offers. 

Is there any way to share and set-up an empty project (WFL, Maps and Field Maps) and clone or copy it to a unique project of it's own (while maintaining all settings such as the ones in Field Maps)?





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